About Clinical Café

Welcome to DiagnosTEX’s Clinical Café!

Here at DiagnosTEX we hold education and continued education at the highest level of priority.

We all have an “ethical responsibility not only to learn but also contribute to the total score of scientific knowledge when possible, etc. (E 9.095 AMA Policy). Under the ASHA Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice we are held to the responsibility that “individuals may only practice in areas in which they are competent based on their education, training and expertise (Principle of Ethics II Rule B). However, SLP’s may expand their current level of expertise. Certain situations may necessitate that SLP’s pursue additional training to further expand their personal scope of practice.” Medicare Manual revisions made to Chapter 15 of the Medicare Policy Manual (effective June 6, 2005) state that “Practioners that provide or perform dysphagia services are expected to have specific competencies in upper aerodigestive tract structure and function as well as oral, pharyngeal, laryngeal, and respiratory function”.

As a result of these policies and ethical standards, DiagnosTEX put their own SLP’s through extensive 3 month training in MBSS (a minimum of 288 hrs of hands-on MBSS training and QA). DiagnosTEX also provides monthly educational material and newsletters to the SLP’s we service, quarterly TSHA CEU’s on dysphagia at a low discounted rate, and facility and nursing staff education upon request. The Clinical Café was established as a location to review all of the educational material developed for a resource in your practice and review the DiagnosTEX monthly newsletters (2003-current). Our goal is to improve and share dysphagia information with our all of our colleagues as well as the family and patients we service to improve the quality of evaluation, treatment and the lives of those suffering from dysphagia

Please see our conference section for upcoming scheduled CEU’s and our bookstore section for past CEU conference booklets for purchase.

Posted by: DiagnosTEX | 12-19-2006 | 07:12 PM