February 2021 Newsletter

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness. Turn off the media and be kind to one another. National “wear Red” Day (first Friday in February)

2021 DiagnosTEX Dysphagia Calendars are being distributed!  So much fun to see how much anticipation there is for them each year. We hope you enjoy the new one, as we hope for a better year than 2020!

One does not simply buy just one mask.

We think you need one from DiagnosTEX, that tells everyone you’re a Healthcare hero!  You are to us!  Get one of the new masks next time we see you for an MBSS, as we march into 2021 together safe and protected.

February Fun Facts: February is the only month to have a length of fewer than 30 days! Though it's usually 28 days, February is 29 days long in leap years such as 2020. The odds of being born on February 29th are about 1 in 1,461. Those born on a leap day can be called a “leaper” or “leapling.” The things we celebrate in February are: Chinese New Year, National Freedom Day, Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, Black History Month, American Heart Month

February CE Opportunity

Ampcare Virtual Dysphagia CE Day - February 22 and 23rd from 5pm – 8pm CST.  Visit www.ampcarellc.com for more information.

TSHA - Registration for the virtual TSHA 65th Annual Convention & Exhibition is now open!  

Don’t for get to register by February 28 to secure the lowest possible registration rate!

After the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the Texas Speech-Language-Hearing Association (TSHA) Executive Board has made the decision to pivot the TSHA 65th Annual Convention & Exhibition to a fully virtual event on April 12-15th.

Unpredictable Weather in Texas – It’s been a warm winter… so far! - Unfortunately, in Texas we typically do not get a beautiful flaky snowfall, we get ice (usually black ice).  Our weather can change overnight! This kind of weather obviously becomes a problem for anyone who travels.  Most of our daily routine is traveling extensively in all directions!  As winter approaches and the threat of severe weather conditions arise, DiagnosTEX owners and drivers will evaluate the conditions of the roads and DiagnosTEX will contact all scheduled facilities immediately if we are unable to meet our appointments for that day.  If the weather conditions are unsafe for driving, we will cancel the day and reschedule the studies as promptly as possible. Even though roads may be passable in one area, does not mean passing through another area to get there is possible and we have to take all routes and directions into consideration. We have precious cargo on board on mobile clinics, most importantly our staff!

FDA authorizes COVID-19 combination diagnostic for flu season - A single sample from a patient for multiple respiratory diseases that might show similar symptoms. Advantages of these forms of tests include that it alleviates the need to take multiple samples and they require fewer supplies such as swabs and personal protective equipment. We have tested over 5000 patients and staff in DFW in the last 4 months.  We care about our community, patients and healthcare staff and are honored to team with local facilities to keep everyone healthy and safe as we continue through this pandemic.  DiagnosTEX is now offering this option for patient group testing at facilities in the DFW and surrounding area this winter season.  Call us at 817-514-6271 for more information or to schedule testing. 

7 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Valentines - It is not only tastes good but is very nutritious. It has a Powerful Source of Antioxidants. One study showed that cocoa and dark chocolate had more antioxidant activity, polyphenols and flavanols than any other fruits tested, which included blueberries and acai berries. It may also help reduce fatigue. If you suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome you should try adding chocolate to your daily diet. One group of sufferers were given a daily dose of chocolate for two months. They were less tired and the best news of all is that they did not put on any extra weight.     Now that you have finished the list, why not have a piece of dark chocolate and enjoy it? Remember, the darker the chocolate the better! And melted dark Chocolate can be a puree and a great garnish and topping!!!

Dysphagia Tidbit – Swallow Expansion Device -Many people with severe dysphagia often have the inability to open their upper esophageal sphincter The Swallow Expansion Device (SED) was designed to manually control the UES. It is a titanium-coated ferrous implant that secures to the cricoid cartilage. An external magnetic device affixes to the implant across intact skin. Three different models of the SED have been developed, with each subsequent model better able to improve swallowing, patient safety and use with other common medical tests. The current SED model has a plate and a post, looks like the letter "T" or an office tack  you would use on bulletin board. The plate is like the top part of the "T" or smooth part of the tack. The plate is attached to the cartilage or flexible connective tissue of the throat. The SED post is like the bottom part of the "T" or pointy part of the tack, but instead of ending with a point, the end has a small ring. The post permanently sticks out from the throat, like a skin piercing, after the neck skin heals over the plate. Healing takes about 8 weeks. A person can eat with the SED by having food enter their esophagus when the SED post is pulled forward with their fingers on the ring. Manual control of the upper esophageal sphincter has been proven possible, opening the UES by 0.36 cm (±0.19) in a cohort of dysphagic patients. There was no histologic evidence of cricoid damage from prolonged use of the implant. The SED has also been proven safe in cadaver and live animal studies (Belafsky, 2010).

AVOID the hospitals - DiagnosTEX will begin providing Outpatient MBSS services in North Richland Hills soon. Be watching for more details!