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January 2020 Newsletter

A new year brings renewed hope, new opportunities, new adventures, and new ways to give and love. 

May this be your best year ever!

Happy New Year to Everyone!  New Year’s Resolutions Statistics – Do you have one?  

Researchers say about 60 percent of us make New Year's resolutions but only about 8 percent are successful in achieving them. Here are the top 5 New Year's resolutions according to a survey of 2,000 people:

December 2019 Newsletter

Happy Birthday DiagnosTEX  DTEX turns 16 years old!  Pam and I would like to thank not only our customers and those who have supported us all these years in DFW, but we would also like to thank all of our employees for the many years of friendship, belly laughs, and precious memories! Thank you for your hard work and commitment to what DiagnosTEX stands for!  We truly treasure each and every one of you (customers and employees) and are blessed to have you as a part of our daily lives! To love what you do and the people you do it with is the true definition of success!

November 2019 Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is no better time to express our appreciation for your business and trust in us! The friendship of those we serve is the foundation of our success serving the DFW area! This is the season to reflect on your blessings and those things for which you feel most thankful.

October 2019 Newsletter

October gave a party. The leaves by the hundreds came. The Ashes, Oaks, and the Maples. And leaves of every name. The Sunshine spread the carpet. And everything was good. Miss Weather led the dancing. Professor Wind, the band...George Cooper.

September 2019 Newsletter

With Great Respect, we pay tribute to the creation of our nation’s strength, freedom, and leadership…

The American Workers!!! Happy Labor Day!

Back to school time for our kids!

And…we are getting much closer to Fall!  WOOHOOO!

Upcoming September Holiday - DiagnosTEX will be closed on Labor Day, Monday, September 2.

Please consider this when scheduling your studies. We will operate Tuesday – Friday that week.

August 2019 Newsletter

Blue Skies, Humidity, Hot Sun! Summer is still here!

Monthly Motivator

Your work is to discover your skill and then with all your heart to give yourself to it. Be thankful for the opportunities given to you to make a difference in the world. That's the mark of a true professional.

Fun fact: The month of August was named for Julius Caesar’s adopted nephew Gaius Julius Caesar Octavius, who held the title “Augustus.” He named the month after himself. The “dog days of summer” refer to the weeks between July 3 and August 11 and are named after the Dog Star (Sirius) in the Canis Major constellation. The ancient Greeks blamed Sirius for the hot temperatures, drought, discomfort, and sickness that occurred during the summer. Us Texans have someone to blame now.

July 2019 Newsletter

Happy 4th of July to everyone celebrating our country’s independence but don’t forget to honor our veterans and current military who have served to ensure our FREEDOM! We know that freedom does not come free… there is a cost, as some gave all!  LET FREEDOM RING!

June 2019 Newsletter

Happy Father’s Day to all the DADs!

June is Dysphagia Awareness Month 

Don’t forget to spread the news throughout social media and use #dysphagiaawareness so all can be aware of this debilitating disorder. How are you helping recognize dysphagia awareness month? The best way to celebrate this month is to educate!

May 2019 Newsletter


Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers! And Happy Memorial Day!

Remember our men and women (including moms) that have sacrificed ALL to fight and maintain our freedom!

Hug a Mom and a Veteran this month, whether it is yours or not!

April 2019 Newsletter

Happy Spring & Happy Easter 

Monthly Motivator:

April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.—William Shakespeare

Get prepared! MAY is Better Speech and Hearing Month

March 2019 Newsletter

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 

“May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow and may trouble avoid you wherever you go may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship and never in want."

February 2019 Newsletter

Patients Pending MBSS - If you have sent us paperwork on your patient to schedule an MBSS and their status changes while you’re waiting for it to be scheduled…… such as left facility, went hospice, passed away, etc. PLEASE notify us. Please do not wait for us to contact you to inform of this type of information.  Once we are contacting you, we are in the middle of scheduling an entire van day and if you are our afternoon stop we have already called several facilities to schedule their times and if you tell us that your patient has passed away or is no longer needing an MBSS, this has now affected all of our scheduled times.   Please help us by notifying us of any changes to your patient status that was needing the MBSS before we try to schedule it with you.