"DiagnosTEX aspires to achieve the same standard of excellence in the care they provide for our residents as we demand of our own staff. The DiagnosTEX Team not only possesses the level of expertise to deal with the challenges that arise in our setting, but they have the passion it requires to resolve those issues unique to the geriatric population. I have confidence that the DiagnosTEX SLP will be able to collaborate with our treating SLP to devise a treatment plan to achieve the least restrictive outcome for our residents."
- Carmen Vitton, COO of Rehab Synergies, DFW, TX

"Thank you for the great and convenient service that DiagnosTex had recently provided for us. The convenience and efficiency of setting up an appointment and having the study done at your home/facility saved so much time and money. The genuine compassion and professional attitude delivered by the mobile team (driver, SLP, and Doctor) are apparent and palpable. Actually observing the study being performed help us to understand the specific nature and the seriousness of the problem and also guide us to address the pathology more appropriately with the specialist. Thanks for helping us to take care of our loved ones."
- Daniel Pham M.D. Grapevine, Texas

"I chose DiagnosTEX as my MBSS mobile service provider due to their competent staff and speedy attention. DiagnosTEX exceeds all of my expectations by anticipating my needs; providing ongoing education for my staff, patients, family members, and facility; and assisting with decision making. The personal attention one received from DiagnosTEX far exceeds that of any other local business."
- Christian Arnett Ph.D., Plano, TX

"I cannot thank you enough for providing the opportunity for our graduate students to actually ride along with your speech pathologists and physicians on the mobile MBSS vans to observe the process of completing videofluoroscopy with patients. Very honestly, the students are a bit daunted at first at being in the van with the licensed speech pathologist and the physician, but every one of them come back to class after completing their ride along reporting what a fantastic experience it was and how much better they understand not only what an MBSS looks like, but what a better appreciation they have for the patients, the process, the interactions between the therapist and the patient, and the report writing that is involved. One student told me that she had no idea that she would need to be able to complete an evaluation report on the same day that the patient was seen! Many students at other universities never have the opportunity to see a modified barium swallow study take place in real time with actual clients. You and your staff at DiagnosTEX provide such an amazing experience for our graduate students and we truly value the relationship that we have with DiagnosTEX. Please extend our sincere appreciation to all of your staff, speech pathologists, and physicians for their time, patience, and teaching that they have done with our students. We look forward to our continued partnership and thank you again for all of your support of our students."
- Kimberly Mory, M.A., CCC-SLP, CHES, Ass. Clinical Professor Dept of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Texas Woman’s University

"I cannot say enough good things about DiagnosTex, it’s a class act all around! Not only is the staff all very friendly and helpful, but it’s a very efficient and well-run company, and their SLPs are some of the best around, partly because they’re chosen by some of the best in the field, Ronda Polansky, and Pam Ragland. DiagnosTex also sponsors some of the most interesting and informative seminars in the area, and the best part is they’re quite reasonable in price! There may be other mobile swallow study services in the area, but as far as I’m concerned, DiagnosTex is hands down the ONLY one, and I try to utilize their services for as many of my patients as possible!"
- Melinda White M.S. CCC-SLP, Fort Worth, Texas

"My experience with DiagnosTEX has been outstanding. The staff is highly trained, highly skilled and very professional. Whenever I have a patient that needs a modified barium swallow study, I always request DiagnosTEX. I trust their results are consistently thorough, accurate, and reliable. AS such, I know with confidence that I can then develop a proper treatment plan that will benefit my patient. Thank you, DiagnosTEX."
- Gretchen Gabbert-Dow Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Encompass Home Healthcare and Hospice, Southlake, TX

"I choose DiagnosTEX because my previous MBSS providers seem to be in the business for other reasons. DiagnosTEX really cares about each patient and is always helpful in ways to treat the client, along with follow-up calls to check on how my patient is doing."
- Tamra Brown, Richardson, TX

"I always use DiagnosTEX for my MBSS needs because I can confidently tell my patients and their families that this team is the best at what they do. I can rely on the results and recommendations with 100% accuracy. My patients are almost always scheduled within 24-48 hours, and the courteous staff and friendly employees are a plus!"
- Cyndy Barfield, Fort Worth, TX

"I choose DiagnosTEX as my MBSS mobile service provider because they provide exemplary and comprehensive diagnostic services for my patients with swallowing disorders.  The DiagnosTEX team is superior in their knowledge, skills, and rapport with patients and staff. "
- Leslie Payne – Ft. Worth, TX

"I have supreme confidence in the DiagnosTEX staff in the high competence level for dysphagia issues. DiagnosTEX provides prompt service, excellent clinical, physiological, and physical knowledge. It is ALWAYS about the patient-- quality of life at any stage whether at the beginning of an illness or at the end. I appreciate their professional support and timely consults. Each SLP, Physician, and Tech is able to quickly assess the patient's cognitive-linguistic abilities and engage the patient during the study.  I have some difficult patients, but not one has ever been overly agitated by a study. DiagnosTEX provides a full complex (but easy to read) MBSS report to verify and/or adjust swallowing protocol to ensure the LRD."
- Elizabeth Wedemyer, Haltom, TX

"DiagnosTEX is quick to respond, dedication to ST's and residents is clear. The staff at DiagnosTEX is professional and highly skilled in what they do.  My staff SLP's in the field are appreciative of all that they do!!!!  Mainly the timeliness and friendliness that they all provide.... that's priceless!!!!!!"
- Debbie Cunningham, Regional Manager Rehab Pro, DFW, TX

"I use DiagnosTEX because of the superior professional expertise of their staff, their willingness to work with the facility speech pathologist to determine the most appropriate plan of care for each patient, and the quality of their MBSS reports."
- Judy Oetting, Fort Worth, TX

"I chose DiagnosTEX as my MBS provider for many reasons, Including general convenience and the overall dysphagia knowledge the staff has. They have always been able to promptly schedule my MBSS and even be flexible to work around my client’s and their family schedules. It’s so nice to have them come to me and for my client. No travel time, ambulance rides, etc. which cause fatigue and increased cost for the client. The SLP’s doing the studies are always very professional and have excellent dysphagia training and knowledge."
- Kelly Evans- Barron, Irving, TX