January 2007 Newsletter


Month Motivator

Commit to treating everyone with courtesy and respect, cultivating relationships by sowing seeds of goodwill and understanding. With attention and care, we create an environment where everyone can flourish and grow.


Upcoming CEU’s

Houston, Texas – NPO- Ethical Dilemas and Challenging Case Management Decsisions– February 24, 2006 Professional Imaging LLC is a Mobile MBSS company in East Texas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, not a part of DiagnosTEX, LLC. They have invited me as a guest speaker; please call their Corp office

1-866-675-MBSS to register or any questions.


Something to think about…………………………… A Quote..

From Dr. Nabb, a stroke survivor. “Many of my therapists figured I would never get better. Those people never helped me. As a patient, you can sense what your therapists believe about your condition. If they feel there’s a limit to how much you can improve, you are going to adopt that belief yourself.”


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