Newsletter :: April 2005


Monthly Motivator – Desire

Success is focusing the full power of all you are on what you have a burning desire to achieve!

We can not spell Success without yoU!


Daylight Savings Time begins April 3rd.  Turn your clocks forward!


April Conference in San Antonio – MBSS WORKSHOP

Way back in the ProgressivEdge era, we put on a conference called a Modified Barium Swallow Study Workshop.  We have been asked to present this conference in an updated version in San Antonio and it is scheduled for April 30.  The sponsor for this conference is Advanced Staffing.  For more information on how to attend this conference please contact them at 1-877-757-7868. This workshop will include instruction on:

1. Criteria for an MBSS pat ient

2. Review of anatomy and swallow function

3. Presentation and administration

4. Problem solving

5. Treatment and Strategies

6. Report writing

7. Legality and current national issues

8. Recommendations of modified diets and NPO

9. Video Reviews

There will be group activities for more individualized learning

Reference Booklet will be provided


Be looking for a “Deciphering Dysphagia with E-Stim” conference in Houston in late May!


Give Aways – New SLP Medical Reference Sheet/ Handout – EVALUATION BEGINS HERE!

Ask for the new SLP medical reference sheet/handout next time we see you!






DiagnosTEX QA – DiagnosTEX follows up on every patient we evaluate on a monthly basis with the SLP or nursing staff.  Our QA statistics are often amazing.  I like to share them.  In January 67% of the patients were eliminated off of tube feeding! Yeah! In the entire month, only 39 were recommended NPO, 243 patients were recommended for PO with 95 of them utilizing strategies to ensure safe and efficient PO. We want people to eat!!!! Forty seven cases were documented with silent aspiration and 46 with esophageal dysfunction.


DiagnosTEX Benefits – Do not sacrifice quality, ethical standards or liability!  References available upon request

  1. 24-48 hour service, operating 2-3 vans 5 days a week in DFW! The only company doing this
  2. The most detailed SLP and physician reports in the Metroplex
  3. Physician involved in the study, operating equipment and hands on with the patient
  4. Individual malpractice coverage for all professional staff
  5. Mobile clinic meeting JACHO standards and in compliance with TX Board of Radiology


Thank you! Have a cup on us!

Our Starbucks cards are still available to those who have the patients that meet the following criteria:

  1. Patients up and in a wheel chair waiting in the front by the door on arrival of the mobile clinic (Getting them from their room does not count J)
  2. Vitals ready and chart available to physician

Having the patient ready helps us stay on schedule at your facility and all the facilities we have scheduled that day and we appreciate this more than you know, as do all of the SLP’s waiting on us to arrive, as we know you do when we arrive as scheduled!  Our success is assured by great people like you.  Day in and day out you always come through. You deserve our thanks for the job you do.  We want you to know how much we appreciate you!


20 things my stroke taught me – Survivor Susan Bernard, age 45

1. I know now if I am alive enough to complain, I have nothing to complain about

2. Whenever I say “how long until I recover?” I just say “Shut up Susan” I’m recovering; there was a time when I did not know if I would get better

3. When I find myself involved in soap operas, I am too isolated, time to get out into the real world

4. Complaining about things like traffic, hold times on phone, or bad weather are luxuries compared to being obsessed with mobility

5. It is a privilege to purchase a walking cane when it means not spending my life in a wheelchair

6. When I am aggravated with my 6 year olds noise, messiness or intrusion on my time, I could be rejoicing that we are together.  While in rehab, I would have done anything to just to wipe is bottom, clean up vomit, or pick up his toys.

7. I am perfectly imperfect just as I am.

8. Prayers move mountains.  I am not getting better alone.

9. Healing takes time.

10. Every birthday is a gift; advancing years do not look so bad.

11. Showering independently is a celebration, not an ordinary event.

12. There are angels among us.

13. A sense of humor is crucial to existence and recovery

14. An attitude of gratitude pervades my life now.  I am thankful for the small things.

15. I have learned others can live without my help for a time

16. Attitude, personality, spiritual nature, sense of self and purpose in life can never be taken away.

17. Recovery comes like waves to a seashore.  Sometimes its high tide and sometimes it is low.  Sometimes there’s an undertow and sometimes it is quiet, serene, and peaceful.

18. Slowing down has allowed me to smell the roses

19. Others suffer illness and hardships graver than mine

20. “If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why, oh why, can’t I?” Well, I can.  I am a MIRACLE (It is a daunting responsibility to be a miracle, but I feel so special because of it.)