Holiday Dysphagia Diet

Dysphagia Holiday Foodsstar.gif

Popular Items for the Holidays – Make sure they fit into your Dysphagia diet 

Turkey turkeydinner.gif

Slices – Solid

Legs – Solid

Fried – Solid

Ham ham.gif

Sliced – Solid

Chopped – Msoft

Ham Salad – Msoft

Cranberry sauce cranberries.gif

With whole or chopped berries – Msoft

Without whole berries – Puree

Stuffing turkeydinner2.gif

With nuts – Msoft to solid depending on type of nuts

Without nuts – Thick puree, esp with gravy

Pumpkin pie pumpkinpie.gif

With Crust – Msoft

Without crust – Puree

Apple Pie applepie.gif

 Msoft any way you look at it

Pecan Pie pie.gif

Msoft to solid depending on how the pecans were cooked

Mashed Potatoes mashedpotatoes.gif


Sweet Potatoes yams.gif


With Marshmellows – consider oral motor, this is thick and sticky

Egg Nog eggnog.gif

some very close to nectar, but thickener can be added to ensure this, without changing consistency much

Apple Cider cider.gif

 thin liquid

Bread bread.gif

 Rolls – Soft regular

Dysphagia Cookbooks

Good looking, Easy Swallowing – By: Janet Martin and Jane Backhouse

Non-chew Cookbook – By: J. Randy Wilson

Easy-to-Swallow, Easy-to-Chew Cookbook – By: Donna L. Weinhofen, Joanne Robbins, and Paula A. Sullivan

Dysphagia Cookbook – By: Elaine Achilles

It’s Tough to Swallow: Nutrition and Dining for Dysphagia – By: Becky Dorner and Assoc.

Puree Food with Substance and Style – By: J. William Richman and Maria Seppi Ferraco

So What If You Can’t Chew! Eat Hearty! Recipes and a Guide for Healthy and Happy Eating of Soft and Puree Foods By: Phyllis Z. Goldberg