Dysphagia Consultation

Including Modified Barium Swallow Study (MBSS) and Esophageal Assessment to the Stomach Versus Fiber optic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES)                          

MBSS and FEES are complementary assessments BUT are NOT the same instrumental assessment. The MBSS is considered the GOLD STANDARD and remains the MOST COMPRESHENSIVE EVAULATION of oropharyngeal dysphagia.


The Major Advantages of a Dysphagia Consultation including MBSS and Esophageal Assessment to the Stomach with DiagnosTEX Compared to FEES are:

  • Non-evasive, No tube inserted into nasopharynx which may interfere with swallowing
  • No risk of nosebleeds, vasovagal attack or laryngospasm
  • Cost effective, No portability issues: We come to the patient
  • Direct viewing of the oral, pharyngeal and esophageal stages of swallowing
  • Viewing of the actual pharyngeal swallow with NO white out
  • Direct viewing of the biomechanics of swallowing for all stages of swallowing
  • Direct viewing of stage transitions
  • Excellent detection of aspiration with the correlating pathophysiology for EACH stage
  • Determination of airway protection
  • Visualization of the depth of aspiration into the trachea, bronchus and/or lungs
  • Diagnosis of cervical spine and soft tissue abnormalities affecting swallowing
  • Assessment of Aspiration Risk & Aspiration Pneumonia Risk by our medical team
  • Medication review for impact on swallowing
  • Esophageal assessment with medical management recommendations by our Physicians
  • Ability to test agitated patients, acute cardiac conditions, severe movement disorders, patients with history of bleeding disorders, patients with history of acute facial fracture or bilateral obstruction of nasal passages Clinicians, caregivers and family members are welcome to observe the consultation and speak directly with the medical team. We provide immediate results via typed reports and copy of DVD. Online portal access to reports is also available for patients and referral sources. For more information please contact us.
  • DiagnosTEX uses a variety of regular foods/liquids to simulate the natural eating environment. We assess the effectiveness of strategies and maneuvers on the biomechanics of swallowing from the lips to the stomach. Medical management and quality of life recommendations are made by our Physicians for consideration by our patients, their loved ones and their medical team.

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Comparison of Actual Biomechanics and Swallowing Features Viewed during a Dysphagia Consultation with DiagnosTEX versus FEES

BIOMECHANICS and Swallow Parameters OBSERVED Mobile Dysphagia Consult MBSS/Esophageal Assessment FEES
Lip Closure Yes  
Bolus Preparation/Mastication Yes  
Bolus Transport/Lingual Motion Yes  
Oral Residual Yes  
Soft Palate Elevation Yes  
Nasopharyngeal Reflux Yes  
Actual Pharyngeal swallow Yes White out during swallow
Vocal Cord Movement Yes Yes
Laryngeal Elevation Yes  
Anterior Hyoid Excursion Yes  
Epiglottic Movement Yes Partial viewing
Laryngeal Vestibule Closure at Height of Swallow Yes  
Pharyngeal Stripping wave Yes  
Pharyngeal Contraction A-P View Yes  
Pharyngoesophageal Segment Opening During Swallow Yes  
Bolus Movement before and after the Swallow Yes Yes
Bolus Movement during the Swallow Yes  
Pharyngeal Residuals Yes Yes
Tongue Base Retraction Yes  
Aspiration before or after the swallow Yes Yes
Aspiration During the Swallow Yes  
Esophageal Clearance/Motility Yes  
Esophageal Reflux Yes  
Soft Tissue Abnormalities / Masses Yes  
Cervical Osteophytes & Cervical Spine Abnormalities Yes  
Diverticulum Yes  
Esophageal Strictures Yes  

Since 2003, Proudly Serving DFW     800.514.MBS1 (6271)    f 817.514.6278          www.dysphagiadiagnostex.com