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By: Ronda Polansky M.S. CCC-SLP


PUREE Pizzazz
Jazz it up tips!

The puree diet is recommended as an alternative for those unable to tolerate regular or mechanical soft foods.  A puree diet is generally a cohesive mashed potato or pudding like consistency.  A food processor is generally used to achieve this smooth, easier to swallow consistency.  This type of diet poses a real challenge to make it appear and taste like the real food in its solid consistency.  We also have to keep in mind adequate calories, protein and fluids to maintain good health and healing.

Make it Jazzy!

  1. Serve on China or colorful plates
  2. Contrast colors of foods
  3. Garnish for visual appeal and taste
  4. Gravies and sauces
  5. Use pastry bags for appearance and contrasting colors
  6. Shape and mold food to close to normal shape as possible


1.       Quality – freshness
2.       Flavor  – garnishes, sauces, syrups, etc.
3.       Nutritious
            a. Add calories with mild, half & half, margarine, butter, gravies, jellies, syrups, powdered           milk or any other calorie and protein enhancers.
4.       Appropriate recommended texture – as recommended to on MBSS
5.       Appearance
a.       Use a spatula to flatten puree meat to look like a patty or pipe for sausage
b.      Utilize smaller scoops to look more like meatballs
c.       Use sauces and gravies to garnish
d.      Sprinkle fruits and desserts with colored gelatin powder, cinnamon/sugar or use a whipped cream topping.
e.      Use a slurry mixture to prepare bread products so it will look like the regular product. Top with margarine or jellies
f.          Layer puree pasta with puree meat to give a more lasagna- like appearance
g.      Use pastry bags to create special effects such as mixing colored vegetables and piping them onto the plate
h.       Vary shapes using molds, soufflés, mousse and gelled bread products.
i.         Garnish vegetables with cheese sauce or powder, butter, or margarine

Garnishes to add color, and taste
1.       Paprika
2.       Whipped cream
3.       Cinnamon sugar mixture
4.       Jelly
5.       Honey
6.       Maple syrup
7.       Parmesan cheese
8.       Hollandaise sauce
9.       Chocolate syrup
10.   Butterscotch syrup
11.   Carmel syrup
12.   Brown sugar
13.   Bar BQ sauce
14.   Cranberry sauce can be piped through a pastry bag to use as a garnish
15.   Fruit sauces or salad dressings
16.   Gravy, catsup, mustard, mayonnaise,  and/or cheese sauce



Resources : Commercially Available Pureed Foods
Brand                                                                     Company        
Cliffdale Farms                                                        Cliffdale farms
Menu Magic                                                            Diamond Crystal Specialty Foods
Menu Direct                                                            Menu Direct     
Puree Plus                                                  Diamond Crystal Specialty Foods

Sources for home food processors
1.       Gourmet Kitchen – 800-304-2922, www.gourmetkitchenstore.com
2.       www.cooking.com – Black & Decker, Cuisinart. Kitchen Aid, Krups
3.       Goodman’s – 888-333-4660, www.goodmans.net
4.       Robot Coupe – 800-543-7549


Sources for professional food processors

  1. Robot Coupe – 800-366-9709, www.robotcoupe.net/Qstore
  2. Vita Mix – 800-437-4654, www.vitamix.com
  3. Waring – 800-492-7464, www.waringproducts.com



Reference: Dorner, B, Its Tough to Swallow, 2002