SLP Resource Sheet

Dysphagia Cups

  • Rolyan Cup – tool for precisely quantifying sips. Cup adjusts from 2.5 ml to 20 ml.
  • Dysphagia cup – weighted base slows tremors to help self drinking

· Sip-Tip – reduced amount of air ingested, less coughing and choking on some individuals

· Pre-Set drinking cup – preset measured cup delivers 1 tsp of liquid per sip. Holds 7 oz.

· Flexi-cut cups – cutout rims, various sizes

AliMed Dysphagia Catalog 800-225-2610

Pre – Thickened Beverages


  • Orange Juice – Nectar and Honey
  • Apple Juice – Nectar and Honey
  • Cranberry Cocktail – Nectar and Honey
  • Milk – Nectar and Honey
  • Water – Nectar and Honey


  • Orange Juice – Nectar and Honey
  • Apple Juice – Nectar and Honey
  • Cranberry Cocktail – Nectar and Honey
  • Water – Nectar and Honey

AliMed is a resource for adults and kids –


Magic Cups – 4 flavors (vanilla, chocolate, orange and wild berry) 1-800-633-3438


Diafoods Thick-it – 1-800-333-0003

Simplythick – 1-800-205-7115

Thick-it – 1-800-828-1376

Thik & Clear – 1- 800-225-2610

Hormel Thick and Easy – 1-800-866-7757

Any pharmacy can special order thick-it.

Easy Mixer – 1-800-225-1610

Dysphagia Cookbooks

Good looking, Easy Swallowing – By: Janet Martin and Jane Backhouse

Non-chew Cookbook – By: J. Randy Wilson

Easy-to-Swallow, Easy-to-Chew Cookbook – By: Donna L. Weinhofen, Joanne Robbins, and Paula A. Sullivan

Dysphagia Cookbook – By: Elaine Achilles

It’s Tough to Swallow: Nutrition and Dining for Dysphagia – By: Becky Dorner and Assoc.

Puree Food with Substance and Style – By: J. William Richman and Maria Seppi Ferraco

So What If You Can’t Chew! Eat Hearty! Recipes and a Guide for Healthy and Happy Eating of Soft and Puree Foods By: Phyllis Z. Goldberg


National Parkinson’s Association


National Stroke Association


American Stroke Association


National Aphasia Association


National Rehabilitation Information

National Caregivers Association


International Huntington’s Association


ALS Association


National Alzheimer’s Association


American Cancer Society


National Spasmodic Dysphonia Assoc.


Texas Laryngectomee Association


Dysphagia Resource for Patients

Books by Stroke Survivors and M.D.’s

Reading a book by a stroke survivor or caregiver can give valuable insight into a patient’s recovery process or as a role of a caregiver. It also lets them know they are not alone.

  1. Elvis Was My Speech Therapist – By James Lee Bradley
  2. Kate’s Journey: Triumph Over Adversity – By Kate Adamson
  3. Locked In: A Young Woman’s Battle with Stroke – By Judy Mozersky
  4. Out of the Blue: One Woman’s Story of Stroke, Love and Betrayal – By Bonnie Sherr Klein
  5. By His Side: Life and Love After Stroke – By: Eileen Steets Quann
  6. The Stroke Recovery Book: A Guide for Patients and Families – By: Kip Burkman, M.D.
  7. Living with Stroke: A guide For Families 3rd Edition – By: Richard C. Senelick, Peter W. Rossi, M.D. and Karla Dougherty
  8. The Complete Medical Guide for the family Caregiver – By: Jeffery A. West M.D.

These books have been endorsed by the American Stroke Association

Other Resources

Medline Plus Drug Information Listing


This is an A-Z listing of prescriptions and OTC meds

National Council on Patient Education

301-656-8565 and

The councils TalkAboutRX. Org website helps consumers make wise decisions about prescription meds. A companion site,, does the same for OTC medications.

Oley Foundation


This national organization provides research, support and information to people dependent on intravenous or tube feeding delivered nutrition. It provides free service to more than 6.500 members.

Keeping on Top of it ALL

ADVANCE for SLP and Aud – Free Subscription

1- 610-278-1400

ASHA Leaderfree to ASHA members


Stroke Connection (ASA)discount to SLP


Stroke Smart (NSA)


National Parkinson’s Report – Free