April 2023 Pediatrics Newsletter

Hi all! My name is Ashley Stone and I am the pediatric SLP at DiagnosTEX. I graduated from Baylor University (Sic ‘Em) with my Bachelor of Science and from the University of Texas at Dallas with my Master of Science in Communication Disorders. I look forward to getting to know you and your patients!

Pediatric Modified Barium Swallow Studies
Our outpatient clinic is now open every Tuesday and Friday for pediatric patients of all ages! We have supported seating devices for those that are in need.

Do you have a family or patient that may be anxious about getting a swallow study done? I invite them to schedule a time to visit the clinic, prior to their appointment, in attempt to ease any discomfort. The fluoroscopy suite will be set up exactly as it would be the day of the appointment. Please reach out to me if this is something they are interested in!

Insurance: The only insurance we cannot work with at this time is Humana. Our intake team can assist with any questions your patient’s families may have!

Patient Referrals: We MUST have a signed order for a MBSS prior to initiating any contact with families. When you are ready to make a referral, you can call the patient’s physician & request the order, or the family can. Please fax the signed order to 888-920-1201. Once the order is received, we will contact the family to schedule their appointment. I will call families and the treating SLP (if families provide their contact info) prior to any appointment to gather a case history. If you know an order is being sent to us, feel free to email or call me with any pertinent information.

Other Professionals: Do you know a professional (SLP/MD/Social Worker, etc) that might find our services and/or this newsletter beneficial? Please email me with their contact information. I would love to add them to our known contact list.

Is there something you would like to know more about? Let me know and I can feature it in an upcoming Newsletter!

Cranial Nerves Related to Swallowing

Oral Phase

Swallowing Problem

Muscle Group

Cranial Nerve


Orbicularis Oris, Zygomaticus


Anterior Loss

Orbicularis Oris



Masseter, Pterygoids, and Temporalis


Oral Pocketing and Scattering

Buccinator and intrinsic and extrinsic lingual muscles


Anterior-posterior propulsion

Intrinsic and extrinsic lingual muscles – Genioglossus, Styloglossus


Poor lingual pressure to drive the bolus through the PES/UES

Intrinsic and extrinsic lingual muscles - Hyoglossus


Pharyngeal Phase

Swallowing Problem

Muscle Group

Cranial Nerve

Poor velopharyngeal seal

Tensor Veli Palatini, Pharyngeal Constrictors, Levator Veli Palatini, Musculus Uvulae

V, IX, X, XI

Decreased closure of the larynx

Aryepiglottic, Lat. Cricoarytenoid and Transverse Arytenoid


Weak pharyngeal constrictor contraction

Superior, Middle, and Inferior Pharyngeal Constrictors


Decreased anterior superior elevation of the hyolaryngeal complex

Anterior Digastric and Mylohyoid


Failure of opening the UES/PES

Inferior Pharyngeal Constrictor, Cricopharyngeus, Superior Longitudinal Esophagus muscle


We are always available Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm, to answer any questions you may have! If you have any questions regarding the referral process or patient specific questions, please email me directly at ashley@diagnostex.us.

I, and the rest of the DiagnosTEX staff, look forward to helping you serve your patients and ensure a safe diet for ALL children.

Keep an eye out for a newsletter each month!

Dates to Remember:
April 2 – World Autism Awareness Day
April 7 – Good Friday
April 9 – Easter Sunday