GERD Handout

Consultants in Dysphagia Evaluation and Management 817-514-MBS1 or 1-888-514-MBS1 By: Ronda Polansky M.S. CCC-SLP REFLUX Heartburn is a common problem in the United States and in the Western world. Approximately 7% of the population experience symptoms of heartburn daily. An abnormal esophageal exposure to gastric juice is probably present in 20-40% of this population, […]

Family Education Sheet on ASPIRATION

Family Education Sheet ASPIRATION   Aspiration – Aspiration occurs when material such as gastric contents, saliva, food, nasopharyngeal secretions are inhaled into the airway or upper respiratory tract.  In a healthy population, micro aspiration is common and pulmonary secretions seldom occur. In the unhealthy population risk for pneumonia is higher due to levels of consciousness, […]

Speech Pathologist Reference Sheet on Treatment of Dysphagia

Therapy Techniques for some of the swallow dysfunctions seen on the MBSS Improve Oral Sensory Awareness – Premature spillage can be a direct result of reduced oral sensation Increase downward pressure of the spoon against the tongue when presenting food in the mouth Presenting sour bolus Presenting cold bolus Presenting bolus requiring chewing Presenting a […]