Conference Materials

BSE - Bedside Swallow Evaluation
Assessment of swallowing disorders forms the basis for developing management strategies. Different assessments provide different kinds of information. Rarely does one form of assessment provide complete diagnostic information. The BSE services as ...
Treatment of Dysphagia After an MBSS
If the MBSS procedure is done correctly and the report gives enough detail to identify the reasons for the dysphagia, for an SLP to proceed there requires a resource of material to guide the therapist with treatment options after the evaluation, t...
Tracheostomy 101
The basics for understanding, treating and evaluating patients with Tracheostomy with a wealth of resource information and diagrams.
The Truth Behind the Flouro - MBSS Workshop
The MBS evaluation is the only evaluation that can assess all three phases of the swallow: oral, pharyngeal, and esophageal. This conference will improve the knowledge and understanding of this diagnostic tool and the wealth of information you can...
MBSS - The Whole Picture
Understanding the MBS procedure ranging from policies and procedures, radiation concepts, protocols, treatment, report writing, pt/family education, and video reviews. (used in graduate level courses)
Vital Signs - Resuscitating Law, Ethics, and Morality in Dysphagia Evaluation and Treatment
This course will not only cover the required information for Ethics, but extend it out to ethics in the evaluation and the treatment of dysphagia, malpractice and litigation. Are you prepared if you have to go to court to defend any of the decisio...
NPO - Ethical Dilemmas and Challenging Case Management Decisions
This conference booklet addresses the challenging decision that requires careful assessment of ethics, quality of life, and safety of the patient as well as improving educational skills.
Dysphagia Program Management and Development
This conference covers the knowledge and skills needed by a certified SLP to evaluate and treat dysphagia, improving knowledge of billing and collaboration with other services, including CMS, establish team policies, HIPAA policies, QA and other e...
Dysphagia in Medical Setting
A book of "need to know" information for any SLP working in a medical setting. If you are dealing with the medical well-being of a patient then it necessitates the knowledge of the entire medical condition of the patient and the basic understandin...
DSI - Dysphagia Scene Investigators
In this conference, you learn to identify dysphagia patients, compile evidence, identify other issues by association, become more aware of what you cannot see on a BSE, see evidence on an MBSS, and close and shut your cases with detailed report wr...
Controversies in Dysphagia
This conference booklet reviews and discusses hot topics in Speech Pathology today such as free water, E-Stim, MBS procedures, DPNS, NPO, syringe feeding, etc.
Alzheimer's and Dysphagia / Feeding Difficulties
Who does not understand? Us or them? The goal of assessment for an individual with dysphagia and dementia is to identify the nature of the dysphagia, identify contributing factors, differentiate the physiologic impairment and or cognitive dysfunc...